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Harness the power of analytics & drive growth with Unleashed’s business intelligence tools

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Instant clarity

Automate KPI tracking and view up-to-date and accurate performance figures – presented attractively in-app, or in regular updates sent straight to your inbox.

Straight to the source

Use data directly from Unleashed, with no errors or imperfections. Make decisions with confidence that numbers are correct.

No more EOFY fear

Know precisely how you’re performing against target at all times. Easily manipulate your data to see what’s holding you back — or how you can exceed expectations.

See BI Vision In Action

Richard Ashurst demonstrates the functionality of this powerful new tool in this 40 minute on-demand webinar

Data where you need it

Keep on top of performance with a data snapshot whenever you log in. Then take a closer look with a single click.

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Choose a view

Our business intelligence tools provide top-level insights across purchases, inventory, production, sales or customers.

12 months of data

See how you’re performing now, and where you stand against previous periods. Spot trends and plan ahead.

Maintain focus

Only show each team what they need to see. Avoid distractions and increase staff productivity.

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Details to drive decisions

Break down each KPI across dimensions and filters to make data-driven decisions and improvements, and answer any stakeholder question. 

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Clear KPI tracking

Automate your KPI monitoring against the targets you’ve set - and view performance updates inapp or via regular emails.

Foolproof analysis

Slice and dice data sets, apply filters and easily manipulate your views. Export data, save views or share them for easy reference.

All-time data

Analyse all your data with no restrictions. Maximise your insights by uploading your historic data and analysing by custom date ranges.

Sales and Customers

Analyse lifetime revenue, orders and profits. Break down performance by salesperson, channel, region or more. Know your top customers better than ever — what they buy, when they buy and how they buy it.


Spot slow-moving items with days to sell: across warehouses, regions and more. Identify where partial orders can alleviate blockages. Know how much available stock you can actually sell

Purchases and Suppliers

Measure your created, open and completed order values to optimise your purchasing. Hold your suppliers to account with delivery time and order status insights.


Clear visibility of your production and assembly data. Identify production waste and delays. Better inventory control to manage stock and component products

Don’t just take our word for it – our users love our Business Intelligence reporting

Nick Shirley

"I make better choices because I have better information…"

I also use the Gross Profit tiles in the Sales Revenue because that helps me know if I’ve got my pricing right… I’m being more efficient and providing better customer service.

Nick Shirley Director - ThreadBear Design
James Barnett

"Whoever made BI must really be intelligent, it’s great I love it."

But in all seriousness It’s unlocked so much data we didn’t know we even had.

James Barnett GM - Frequency Precision
Noah Warren

"We’ve been exceptionally busy over the last few months and BI has given us the ability to predict stock shortfalls and make sure orders are running smoothly."

Noah Warren COO - Temple Cycles

Pick the right level of BI insights for your business

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BI Vision



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Core KPIs

Custom access per user

KPIs with time comparison

Fixed date periods

Advanced KPIs

Custom date ranges

Enhanced dimension filtering

Ranking segmentation

Ability to export data

Save and share filtered views

Upload historical sales data

Targets and tracking NEW

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*Available for accounts on an annual base subscription.

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