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Gain total clarity in your coffee business with the coffee software solution used by roasters and distributors around the world


Take your coffee business to the next level with cloud-based coffee software

Unleashed gives you the power to scale your business with confidence. Maximise efficiency and slash admin time with coffee software that lets you do far more with less.

From purchasing and green coffee inventory management, right through to production, sales and strategy, Unleashed gives coffee businesses total control over their operation.

What our coffee software can do for you

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Reclaim control of purchasing and inventory

  • Powerful purchasing. Create purchase orders with a click, and keep all your supplier details and pricing in one place. Apply a just-in-time approach with demand-driven stock reordering, where purchases are triggered from sales orders for maximum efficiency.
  • Smart green coffee inventory management. Maintain optimal inventory levels that avoid stockouts while minimising costs. Batch / lot track your beans for maximum freshness – and fast traceability in the event of a recall.
  • Multiple roasteries and warehouses. Transfer coffee beans easily between multiple roasteries and warehouses as needed. Unleashed can keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple global locations – so you know exactly what beans and other inventory you have and where it is.
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End the guesswork

  • Capture all costs. Unleashed's perpetual inventory system records real-time stock levels and values, factoring in variable costs like freight, packaging and duties – across multiple currencies – so you always know precise margins for every product.
  • Batch tracking. Record every batch of coffee you roast, know which suppliers your coffee beans came from, and where they go.
  • Custom recipes. Manage recipes more efficiently with a Bill of Materials for each product to minimise waste and reduce costs.
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Seamless flow between sales, stock and accounts

  • B2B eCommerce. Allow your distributors and customers to self-service with an online B2B store that slashes your admin time and eliminates errors. Smart options like variable pricing and credit card purchases let you manage your customer relationships as you wish.
  • Master multichannel. Easily integrate with leading direct-to-consumer eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify. With centralised inventory management and accounting at the heart of your coffee software solution you’re in control however your business pivots.
  • Mobile sales app. Free for all license holders, the Unleashed mobile sales app lets you make more sales and better manage your customers, products and orders on the road. Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Power growth with sophisticated coffee software

  • Clear reporting. Keep your stakeholders up to date with accurate templated reports – and calculate commissions with confidence with the most accurate sales reporting available on the market today.
  • Elegant oversight. Unlock the data within your coffee roasting software with business intelligence features that help you make better decisions on the go. Gain a deep understanding of your business at a glance with easy-to-understand customisable charts and graphs pulled from your own sales, production, supplier and inventory data.
  • Global integrations. Leverage the global apps ecosystem to maximize your coffee company’s success. Choose coffee software that integrates with leading accounting (Xero and Quickbooks), CRM (Salesforce), eCommerce (Vend, Shopify and Magento), POS (Vend and Shopify) and analytics platforms (Lokad) for a seamless end-to-end solution.

See the software in action

Nick Chatterley shows how beverage businesses – from wine makers, brewers & distillers, to coffee companies and soft drink makers – use cloud software to streamline their operation.

"By adopting the B2B store, we were able to get back to spending most of our time on what we do best — supporting our customers meaning they were the real winners."


How Volcano Coffee Works Handled Their Rapid Growth

Sudden expansion required a shift to cloud-based coffee software


Growing acclaim brought more customers than their Excel-based business could handle

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The business adopted Unleashed – and began using its B2B eCommerce Store to manage customers

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“We saved ourselves two days a week in wasted time” with staff free to focus on further expansion

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