Customer Pricing

Customer pricing software gives you control of flexible discounts for each customer

Giving a discount to your customers doesn’t have to be a tedious, manual process


No more second-guessing discount rates

If you have specific product prices for certain customers, you might have to maintain multiple and complex spreadsheets with all the customer details, the products they purchase, and their percentage or fixed discounts.

Customer Pricing simplifies the special pricing process for you by removing reliance on manual spreadsheets and reducing the chances of errors being made, including the wrong prices and quotes being given to your customers.

Easily apply discounts

Apply customer specific discounts easily. In your customer’s account details, simply select the product and a discount type that will apply, and then enter the discount details. Unleashed will store the special pricing, and this will be applied to customer orders.


Select this discount type option if you want to offer a fixed price discount for that customer.


Select this discount type option if you wish to offer a discount percentage for your customer.

Quick implementation

If you already have a list of products and prices on the side, you can bulk import your customer pricing details for multiple customers and products.

Customer Pricing FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Customer Pricing can work for your business.

Customer Pricing is available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions.

At this stage, Customer Pricing is not passed to the Mobile App. However, this is something that we are currently working on in the near future!

No, there is no limit to the number of products that can be added to the customer’s record.

Customer Pricing was released with all Superusers having access to edit the customer pricing, however all other users have been set to have “view only” permissions.

Should you wish for a user to have access to edit this detail, please review their Role Permission to ensure that Customer and Customer Pricing (Sales > Customer > Customer Pricing) has been enabled. Please ensure the “Can Edit” check box is ticked.

Once this has been actioned, the user will be able to access and edit this information.

If a customer price has been set for a product within the customer record, this will reflect in red under the Unit Price field. This will also show a tooltip advising that this is a customer price.

You have the ability to add further discounts at a line level. Please note that Sales Order level discounts will not be applied on top of the special pricing.

Within the customer record you will now have a new tab called “Customer Pricing”. Here you can search for products that the customer may get special pricing. The price can either be added as a fixed price or be applied by discount.

If you have multiple products that you need to have added to that customer record, or if you wish to add products for multiple customer records, this can be done through a CSV import.

To export the pricing for a specific customer record please go through the following process: View Customers > Select the required customer > Customer Pricing > Import.

To import and export customer pricing for multiple customer records, it can be done under the following screens: Customers > Customer Pricing > Download Customer Pricing template.

Alternatively, use the drop down menu of the export button on the top right hand side to view what has been loaded in your account already.

Currently this information is not passed to any of the native integrations.

If a price is passed from your integrated platform, Unleashed will not override it with the special customer price set within Unleashed.

At this stage Customer Pricing does not include quantity price breaks. This is a separate feature which we are currently working on for future developments.