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Boost productivity and grow your profit margins with Unleashed – the software that lets you do more with less by slashing admin, streamlining production and controlling inventory costs in your food business.


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Growing companies need the efficiency and accuracy of fully cloud-based systems. It’s why more than 2,000 food industry users in over 30 countries use Unleashed as their:

Food inventory software

Food manufacturing software

Purchasing, supplier, and sales order management system

How food manufacturers use Unleashed

Gerardo Lopez explains how his food business uses Unleashed as its core order management, inventory management and food manufacturing software solution –running their most important business processes from a single system.

See our food manufacturing software in action

Dive into the details: Amber Chaffe shows a mock jam-making business running their day-to-day operations with Unleashed in this 14 minute on-demand webinar. Watch as they move step-by-step through their production, purchasing, inventory management and sales process through the cloud.

The Manufacturers Guide to Cloud Software

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How does Unleashed help food manufacturers?


Do away with spreadsheets and manual cross-referencing and confidently track and trace through the production process. With Unleashed you can easily maintain visibility of perishables with our Batch Number Tracking and Serial Number Tracking features.


Unleashed is the central platform for creating and maintaining your recipes. Achieve an efficient production process with a Bill of Materials. Include a margin of error so you can reflect the true costs and margins of assembling your goods.


Unleashed’s Multiple Units of Measure feature lets you break down purchases into smaller units automatically, perfect if you are buying stock in bulk.


Maintaining up-to-date information is crucial to the success of your business. Unleashed’s food inventory software manages inventory in real-time to maximise production efficiency and reflect true data. Always know what stock you have on hand so you never run out.


Manage your recipes more efficiently with Unleashed’s Bill of Materials (BOM) to minimise waste and reduce costs. Unleashed is ranked among the world’s top 20 manufacturing software solutions of 2021 by Capterra.


Unleashed helps you put customers first. Turn a sales quote into an active sales order with the click of a button. For busy, growing businesses this means less manual processing and room for error. Free up your time to focus on the things that grow your business.


Traceability for food manufacturing

Traceability is a critical feature of food manufacturing software, ensuring product quality and safety standards are met.

Unleashed’s batch tracking allows food manufacturers to keep track of inventory from its raw ingredients origin to the finished products sold.

Capture all production costs

Use a Bill of Materials to manage your recipes more efficiently, minimise waste and reduce costs. Unleashed’s intuitive food manufacturing software captures all the costs of production, including third-party manufacturing, wastage and packaging costs to improve margin accuracy.
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Real-time inventory

Ingredients can go bad quickly so maintaining up-to-date information is crucial to the success of your business. Unleashed manages inventory in real-time to maximise production efficiency and reflect true data. Always know the exact stock you have on hand so you never run out.

Streamline processes with the right food production software

Unleashed integrates seamlessly with accounting, eCommerce, POS and analytics platforms. Analyse your financials with Xero or QuickBooks, manage sales orders with Vend, and get a handle on inventory forecasting and analytics with Lokad.
Maintain visibility of cost of goods sold

Don’t just take our word for it – food manufacturers love Unleashed!

The food industry needs food manufacturing software that can provide an accurate cost for finished goods. Get clear visibility of your profits and margins for your manufacturing business today.


"Over time as volume grew and the number of different channels grew it was necessary to formally track best-before dates and batch tracking."

Unleashed released this functionality last year and it has proven to be easy to manage and provides the traceability we were looking for.”

Donal Hanrahan Elivar

"Now I can get all the information I need no matter where I am."

When we found Unleashed, it was like it was meant to be – literally all the data we had in place was everything that needed to be on Unleashed.

Anibal Zarate Gourmet Organic Herbs

"Unleashed ticks all the boxes for our food production inventory management."

Processing 1,000+ tonnes of cashews per year and producing 60+ value-added SKUs for the international retail market is a difficult feat, but one made easier with Unleashed by our side.

Iput Putri East Bali Cashews

Award-winning software

Did you know? Software Advice rates Unleashed in the world’s top 20 manufacturing software solutions as well as the world’s top 20 inventory management software solutions as of May 2021.

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