Lighting Inventory Management Software

Unleashed removes time-consuming administrative tasks out of inventory management so you can concentrate on the perfect lighting solutions for your customers

Every inventory management feature your lighting business needs

Whether you are designing, assembling and selling your own fittings, or importing and distributing finished lighting products, Unleashed manages your inventory efficiently.


Quantity Discounts simplifies the pricing process, allowing you to easily apply quantity price breaks for each product based on a minimum quantity. In a highly competitive lighting market, you can’t afford to lose your valued customers.


Easily keep track of a variety of lighting products across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations. Unleashed lets you know exactly what stock you have, where, and the ability to segregate stock makes reporting a breeze.


Include freight and charges where it counts. Unleashed lets you add additional costs for each purchase order during the receipting process. Keep the flexibility of charging your customers freight and handling fees without distorting your margins.


The price tiers function allows for different sell prices for your customers. Whether you’re selling to other businesses or directly to the end user, you can add multiple price tiers to give each customer the correct price, discount and tax.


Traceability is key in ensuring your lighting products meet strict quality and safety requirements. All transactions in Unleashed are processed in real-time, ensuring you have all the information you need to make better business decisions.


Assemble component lighting products in Unleashed before processing the sale, saving you time, and ensuring an accurate finished goods cost. Completing kitted orders also allows you to track the value of stock used, and calculate any wastage.

Unleashed for light fitting manufacturers

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Traceability throughout your business processes

Do away with a spreadsheet and tedious manual cross-referencing. Track and trace all your products in an instant with Unleashed.
Traceability is key in ensuring your products meet strict quality and safety requirements. With Unleashed, you can easily track your products with a serial number or batch number. From components to the sale of each finished product, you can confidently keep track of your inventory with Unleashed.

Efficiently capture production costs

Capture all costs associated with your lighting manufacturing business to improve margin accuracy. This includes costs such as components, freight, third-party packaging and labelling. With all the costs accurately accounted for, your business will be able to maintain accurate margins for reliable reports.
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Automate production assemblies

With Unleashed, you can automate your planning process. Unleashed automatically calculates the required quantity of components needed to create a finished product. Now you can ditch error-prone spreadsheets and manual calculations for something accurate and reliable.

Unleashed for lighting importers and distributors

Deliver detailed sales quotes

Give your customers all they need to know about your product and associated charges incurred on a sale. When you create a quote for your customer, Unleashed populates their information, including currency, tax rates, delivery details and more.

Give the correct discounts

Quantity Discounts in Unleashed simplifies the special pricing process for you by removing reliance on manual spreadsheets and reducing the chances of errors being made, including giving the wrong prices to your customers.

Manage stock across multiple warehouses

If you’ve got various lighting products in different warehouses or locations, Unleashed allows you to easily keep track of stock across multiple warehouses across the globe. Always know what stock you have on hand!

Manage suppliers easily

Take advantage of automated processes by keeping your supplier details and their product prices in one place. Unleashed saves prices, currencies and address details for multiple suppliers of each product you purchase.

Assign intuitive customer pricing tiers

Whether you’re selling to other businesses or directly to the end user, you can add multiple price tiers for each product and assign a price tier to each customer. This means the correct price, discount and tax are used for each product, every time.

Apply freight & charges

We’re simplifying sales by making sure you can include freight and charges where it counts, whether it’s on a sales quote or on your invoicing documentation. Keep the flexibility of charging your customers freight and handling fees without distorting your margins.

"I chose Unleashed back in 2010 because I recognised that their platform would be better at helping us scale than a lot of other software systems."