Security at Unleashed

We’re committed to keeping Unleashed, your data, and your identity safe with multiple layers of security.

Perpetually secure online information

Cloud-based inventory software can boost your business productivity by helping your team manage your supply, production, stock and sales in real time. Our cloud service provider enables us to build a high-performing and resilient Unleashed app. We also leverage their security features to help you scale securely with the best visibility and control.


Your data is safely stored and readily available with data replicated across our global servers daily. Should the unlikely happen, we can quickly switch over to a backup site to keep Unleashed and your business running smoothly.


All Unleashed user data is encrypted using industry standard data encryption — it’s an important line of defense in cybersecurity. This means that your business data is converted into an unrecognisable code, and appears unreadable to anyone accessing it without permission.


We use TLS protocol, the updated version of SSL, to encrypt internet traffic of all types. TLS secures internet communication, which turns a website’s address from HTTP to HTTPS — the S stands for secure! This means that any data sent between you and Unleashed can’t be intercepted.

Controlling access to your information

Unleashed keeps your business running with a record of 99.9% uptime.

We have safeguards that ensure your business will always be up and running with Unleashed.

Maintaining security best practices


Our team monitors all events, activities and alerts to identify and manage threats. We provide live communication on our community forum about the state of the platform, including any security warnings or updates.


We conduct regular penetration testing — a focused, independent audit of how secure our application and infrastructure are. This allows us to maintain strong security for our users.


We frequently release new features and enhancements, which include security improvements. We communicate these updates as they’re rolled out.

Our commitment to your information security

To understand how your data is collected, used, shared and removed, please refer to our Privacy Policy.