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Unleashed provides a sophisticated end-to-end nutraceutical software solution that frees you to work on your business, rather than in it.

Slash admin time, build efficiency and gain the control and oversight to grow your nutraceuticals business with confidence.


Total traceability for each ingredient and product

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Powerful batch and serial number tracking functionality helps you comply with dietary supplement and nutraceutical manufacturing regulations, no matter which markets you’re in.

Stay abreast of current good manufacturing practices – and document your production – with a Bill of Materials recipe for every formula.

What our dietary supplement, food supplement & nutraceutical software solutions can do for you

Gain complete control over inventory and purchasing

Gain complete control over inventory and purchasing

  • Powerful purchasing. Manage your supplier details and pricing securely from the cloud, creating purchase orders with a click. Maximise efficiency with a just-in-time approach by reordering stock directly from sales orders as they land.
  • Smart inventory management. Keep your inventory levels optimised with low stock alerts and never-diminishing products for your most important lines. Unleashed lets you batch / lot track all your ingredients and finished products to avoid expiration waste – and ensure full traceability through your whole supply chain.
  • Multiple locations. Easily move stock between locations as needed. Unleashed tracks your stock levels and value across multiple warehouses, in multiple global locations and different currencies, giving you the flexibility and oversight to expand your business with confidence.
Build efficiency with unified production and- sales

Build efficiency with unified production and sales

  • Precise production. Manage your production process efficiently with a Bill of Materials (BOM) for each formula recipe. When you use a BOM in a production run Unleashed automatically calculates how much of each raw material is needed, and what wastage will occur. An Unleashed BOM lets you fulfil sales orders faster – and stay on top of your record-keeping requirements.
  • Sophisticated sales. Save hours of admin by taking orders through your customised B2B eCommerce Store. Take your catalogue on the road with the free mobile sales app. And master multichannel sales with leading B2C eCommerce integrations that see your direct to consumer sales flow directly into your inventory management and accounting systems.
  • Accurate costs. Monitor your margins with ease with nutraceuticals software that tracks your true landed costs. Unleashed can factor in transport, duties, packaging and production costs – including contract manufacturing costs – right down to the ingredient level, so you can quickly see which products are helping – or hurting – your bottom line.

Build efficiency with unified production and sales

  • Accurate reporting. Keep stakeholders in the loop with 21 in-depth operational reports that cover every aspect of your business.
  • Elegant oversight. Back up your decision-making – and understand every part of your operation at a glance – with a built-in Business Intelligence tool that shows your key sales, inventory, production and purchasing metrics in real time. Want to know your margins by SKU, region, category, or channel? Need to know your best-performing salespeople – or spot sluggish suppliers, or stock items? It’s all there at your fingertips.
  • Global integrations. Leverage the global apps ecosystem to maximize your success. Unleashed integrates with leading accounting (Xero and Quickbooks), CRM (Salesforce), eCommerce (Vend, Shopify and Magento), POS (Vend and Shopify) and analytics platforms (Lokad), creating a seamless end-to-end solution for the supplements and nutraceuticals industry.

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“That’s one of my favourite things about Unleashed: Being able to see really accurate margins for products. That really helps with making decisions about promotions.”



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