Unleashed Feature Release Timeline

Here is an overview of our main features that have helped your business over the past few years!


New WooCommerce-Unleashed Integration

WooCommerce infographic

It’s here!  WooCommerce now integrates with Unleashed. So you can enjoy the benefits of Woo’s flexible open-source eCommerce platform combined with the powerful inventory features of Unleashed – and with quicker, more accurate workflows.

Here’s what you’ll get with the new WooCommerce-Unleashed integration:

  • Automated stock updates in real time
  • New products automatically created from Unleashed in WooCommerce
  • Sales Orders synced in real time from WooCommerce to Unleashed
  • New Customers automatically created from WooCommerce in Unleashed
  • Built-in integration tools: data management and connection log

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March & April Product Updates

  • View Products – New Production Tab for Related BOMs
  • Advanced Inventory Manager – Forecasting
  • New Module – Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM)
  • Sales Invoices – New Related Credits Tab
  • Bulk Update Purchase Order Statuses
  • Totals in Customer Currency – Sales Quotes, Invoices and Orders
  • Business Intelligence – View Chart Data

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Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM)

Advanced Inventory Manager — or AIM — is our brand-new inventory planning and demand forecasting tool.


It uses your Unleashed transaction data to find an optimal stock position for every different part, product or ingredient in your portfolio. 


AIM puts you back in control, helping you eliminate stockouts, reduce excess capital tied up in overstocked products, streamline your purchasing and improve cash flow.


Watch out for even more improvements to this module coming soon, including demand forecasting.

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January & February Product Updates

  • BI Vision – One-click access from main dashboard
  • Assemblies Updates – perfect for custom production
  • Attachments Tab – add attachments to Credit Notes
  • Sales Orders – new Related Credits tab
  • View pages – Customer Name, Supplier Name and Product Description added to records
  • Purchase Orders – new totals layout for Suppliers with foreign currency
  • Adding a Sales Quote – new lightbulb icon next to the Customer name
  • Product pop-up – ‘Can Assemble’ quantity added
  • View Assemblies– bulk update assembly statuses
  • Settings – Turn off Automatic PDF Downloads According to Transaction Type
  • Settings – new Settings tab on your Company page

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November & December Product Updates

  • Sales Orders – Create Shipments in Bulk 
  • Auto-assembly – Auto-Assign Batch & Serial Numbers to Components
  • Backorder Enquiry – filter sales by custom statuses
  • Purchase Order – Edit Cost Date
  • View Shipments/Sales – Deleted Shipments excluded from bulk print
  • Prospect CRM Integration – seamless single sign-up and sign-on
  • Purchase Order Receipting – bin location added
  • View Products – new columns, including Default Purchase & Sell Price and Unit
  • View Products – columns renamed for clarity when using Multiple Units
  • Product Import/Export templates – automatic update of Default Purchase Unit via import
  • Product Import/Export templates – unit of measure added to Product Suppliers and Supplier Quantity Prices

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September & October Product Updates

  • BI Vision – Customisable Dashboards
  • Auto-Assembly on Batch- and Serial-Tracked Products
  • B2B Store – Customer-specific Payment Options
  • File Library – Central File Management Page
  • Multiple Units of Measure

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BI Vision – Customisable Dashboards

Play Video about BI Vision Customisable Dashboards Feature Image

This great new update to BI Vision lets you customise your dashboards – so your display has everything you need, in the right place.


It’s easy – head to any of your BI contexts and select ‘New Custom Layout’ from the dropdown menu to move, resize, rearrange, remove & add KPI tiles.


You can also give your custom layout a unique name – and delete custom layouts if you no longer need them.


Watch out for even more improvements to this feature coming soon!

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Multiple Units of Measure

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Multiple Units of Measure (MUoM) is a major new feature to streamline bulk purchases. By letting you buy goods in bulk and automatically convert these into the units your business uses, MUoM gives you:


  • Greater flexibility and accuracy with your purchasing 
  • Accurate reorder reports for streamlined re-stocking 
  • Fewer products to maintain 
  • And less reliance on auto-disassembly. 

You might purchase a carton of 20 items and convert these into individual items, for instance. Or you might purchase goods in imperial units and convert them to metric units.


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July & August Product Updates

  • Create Assemblies Directly from Sales Orders
  • Sales Orders – Set Minimum Order Values
  • File Library – Central File Management Page
  • File Library – Add Attachments to Transactions Emails
  • BI-powered Stock Movement Enquiry
  • Customers – Search by Email Address or Postal Code
  • Access the Change Log Via the In-app Menu
  • B2B Home Page Display 8 Popular Categories
  • Amazon – Assign Batch and/or Serial Numbers Automatically 
  • Amazon – Option to Disable Product Synchronisation

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Feature Fortnight Enhancements

  • Doc Designer – Option to Include Serial and Batch Numbers
  • Doc Designer – Remove Blank Address Lines
  • File Library – Attach Documents to Templates
  • File Library – Email Interface Updates
  • Sales Order Numbers Linked to Sales Quotes
  • Inventory – Display Default Sell and Purchase Prices
  • Shopify – Option for Fulfilment Email Notification
  • Shopify – Export Stock On Hand from Unleashed
  • B2B Store – Set Minimum Order Values
  • BI-Powered Hover Window – Top 10 Products

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May & June Enhancements

  • Purchases – Customisable Purchase Order Grid
  • BI Vision – ‘Go to Vision Plus’ Button
  • B2B eCommerce – Barcode Search Functionality
  • B2B eCommerce – Products, Request Access Form & Shipping Address Updates
  • Business Intelligence is Getting Smarter
  • BI Vision – New ‘Sticky’ Navigation Panel
  • BI Vision Sales – Identify Free Credits
  • BI Vision Inventory – Clarity on your KPI Quantities
  • B2B eCommerce – User-friendly Updates to the Request Access Form
  • B2B eCommerce –Page Navigation Functionality
  • BI Vision Targets and Tracking – Links to Specific KPIs in Notifications
  • Shopify – New ‘Retain Tracking URL’ Switch for Fufilments

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March & April Enhancements

  • BI Vision – New Dimension “Product Type”
  • BI Vision – Sales Trend Line on Timeline Chart
  • BI Vision – Select Partner Accounts as Notification Recipients
  • BI Vision – Quantities on Purchases Dashboard
  • BI Vision – A Boost to Inventory, Sales and Notifications
  • B2B eCommerce – Never Diminishing Products
  • B2B eCommerce – Multi-Select and New Filters

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File Library

Play Video about File Library Timeline Feature Release YouTube featured image

Support and improve important Unleashed workflows for you, your customers and suppliers with this document attachment feature – File Library.


With File Library, you can attach files of up to 20MB to your transactions, customers, suppliers and products. To help you use this new feature, we’ve increased your free storage to 10GB – 10 times the previous limit – with the option to add more.

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January & February Enhancements

  • BI Vision – Additional sales dimensions
  • BI Vision – Sales channel bar chart
  • BI Vision – New customer and product sales revenue bar chart views
  • BI Foundation – Export timeline charts to CSV
  • BI – Take full page screenshots
  • API update – GET Suppliers

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November & December Enhancements

  • BI Vision Plus – More notification options 
  • BI Vision Plus – New targets and tracking functions 
  • API: Warehouse stock transfer – Use the filter “Modified Since” 
  • API: Stock level alerts for individual warehouses 
  • API: Delivery contacts for Sales Orders 

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BI Vision Plus - More Notification Options

Feature Timeline BI Vision Plus

With BI Vision Plus you’ve now got even more options for your BI notifications. You can select from the following sales and transactions measures so they’re included in your automated email updates:


  • Low Stock Levels
  • Batch Expiry
  • Open Shipments
  • Top 5 Products
  • Top 5 Customers

We’ve also added a new date period option, ‘last month’, so you can choose to receive an email update that covers the previous month.

New Shopify-Unleashed Integration

Shopify flow inner app page feature image

Our new and improved Shopify-Unleashed integration – found in our recently launched eCommerce Hub – streamlines your processes in the all-important eCommerce space.


In addition to existing information flows for stock on hand, product, customer and sales order information, this new Shopify-Unleashed integration gives you:


  • Two-way automated updates to shipping company and tracking numbers
  • Two-way automation for order fulfilment status
  • The ability to select individual data fields to sync between Unleashed and Shopify
  • Automated updating of shipping rate name from Shopify into Unleashed as delivery method
  • Connected to eCommerce Hub – Our centre for ecommerce solutions with more control over how you manage orders, products and shipping 

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BI Vision Plus

We’ve made a major enhancement to our BI Vision module with the introduction of BI Vision Plus – so you can set sales targets and track your performance easily and accurately.


In the BI menu you will see a new item ‘Targets and Tracking’ where you can now add targets for sales revenue, gross profit, and gross profit %. On the BI Sales page we’ve also added a new Vision Plus tab, where you’ll find clear and up-to-date graphs and tables to track your sales against your targets.


And you can also set up automated notifications so performance updates are emailed straight to your inbox – giving you a high-level view of your sales without logging in.

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September & October Enhancements

  • ICC Fields in the Data Exporter 
  • BI Vision – View “Last Year” 
  • ICC Fields in Shipments API 
  • Additional Columns in the Purchase Enquiry

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July & August Enhancements

  • Purchase Enquiry – new filter “Product Group”
  • Create and update assemblies – API
  • Get sales custom statuses – API
  • Updates to B2B Menu
  • Products and Customers in B2B Settings

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May & June Enhancements

  • ASM: International shipping across multiple packages
  • API: “Assemble By” date included
  • Customs data available in Doc Designer
  • API: Retrieve customer contacts
  • Serial and batch numbers in Commercial Invoices
  • Comments on combined picklists

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Ship from Multiple Warehouses on a Single Order

If you hold stock in multiple warehouses, this enhancement is for you. This enhancement will help you streamline shipping and better fulfil your customers sales orders, by allowing you to ship from different warehouses on a single sales order.


Choose local warehouses for selected items to decrease delivery time, or specify different warehouses where different stock is located. This speeds up order fulfilment and delivery, boosting customer satisfaction.

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B2B Freight

Unleashed Software - B2B Freight by zones

Manage freight for your B2B orders. You can now create rates based on geographic location and sell price tiers. Automatically add freight costs and freight taxes to your customers’ orders for a seamless customer experience.

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March and April Enhancements

  • Upload historical sales data in BI Vision
  • More customer data in BI Vision
  • Manage non-delivery dates in your B2B Store
  • Customer managed standing orders
  • Promote products in B2B emails
  • More power behind your Reorder Reports
  • International Commerce Codes (ICC) Enhancements

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Even More Sales Insights

Even More Sales Insights Timeline Feature Release featured image

New to Unleashed but have heaps of historical data? You can now immediately glean valuable sales insights with Business Intelligence (BI) Vision.


Incorporate your historical sales data by uploading Invoices, Sales Orders and Credits from your previous system into BI Vision. BI will reveal your historical performance, allowing you to comparatively understand current and ongoing sales performance allowing you to make even better sales decisions.

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More Power Behind Your Reorder Reports

Play Video about More power behind Reorder Reports Timeline Feature Release YouTube featured image

Creating assemblies, transferring between warehouses and reordering just got a lot easier with the updates on the Reorder Report. No need to navigate outside of the report, you can do it all here.


We’ve also updated a few of the columns and how the data is presented to make the report even clearer. Watch this video to see what’s new in the Reorder Report.

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Customer-Managed Standing Orders

Play Video about Customer managed standing orders Timeline Feature Release YouTube featured image

Standing orders are a great way of creating a reliable source of repeat sales. With these enhancements to the standing orders feature in the B2B Store, we’ve further minimised the administrative effort to manage and update them.


Available to B2B Store Premium and Premium+ accounts, you and your customers can now:


  • Create and edit names of standing orders
  • Edit the quantity of items in existing standing orders
  • Add or remove products in existing standing orders

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January & February Enhancements

  • Streamlined Interface
  • Credit Notes via API
  • BI Vision: Save and share filtered views
  • BI Vision: View sales by country
  • BI Vision: View Purchase Orders created over time

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BI Vision Enhancements

Play Video about BI Vision enhancements Timeline Feature Release YouTube featured image

BI Vision is growing. These new features allow you to get even more insights from your data, and make it even easier to find and share them:


  • A new sales KPI: Units Sold
  • Custom date range
  • Search and filter by specific fields
  • Select multiple filters
  • Save and share filtered views

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November Enhancements

  • Import Assemblies
  • Custom statuses for Sales Orders
  • Custom statuses for Assemblies
  • Share report layouts
  • Sales shipments improvements

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B2B Store Enhancements

Display stock levels

Choose to display your stock availability in your B2B Store. If you’re a Premium or Premium Plus customer with multiple warehouses, you can also further display stock levels across your warehouses.


Display estimated stock arrival time

Estimated date of arrival for out-of-stock products, is now also available to optionally display. This gives your customers more certainty when wanting to preorder out-of-stock items.

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Create Custom Statuses for Sales Orders and Assemblies

Customise your statuses for your sales orders and assemblies to better suit your own business processes and track your workflow with greater accuracy.


Learn more about custom statuses for Sales Orders.

Learn more about custom statuses for Assemblies.

October Enhancements

  • Share report layouts
  • Better manage sales shipments
  • Assign ship note templates to customers
  • BI – export data
  • Share costs across purchase orders
  • More information in View Customers
  • Create a combined picklist template
  • View supplier lead times for products
  • Add purchase costs to your purchase orders

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Security Update: 2-Step Authentication

Play Video about Security Update 2-Step Authentication Timeline Feature Release YouTube featured image

2-step authentication (2SA) makes it harder for attackers to access your data and drastically reduces your risk of data loss, fraud or identity theft. This is particularly important when dealing with live, cloud-based data that’s essential to your business.

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B2B Multiple Customer Contacts

Play Video about B2B Multiple Customer Contacts Timeline Feature Release YouTube featured image

You can now grant B2B Store access to multiple contacts per customer account. Each user will have user specific information and be able to use their individual login — no need to share access!


This is great for your customers who have multiple people ordering from you, or for large, complex organisations such as franchises.

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September Enhancements

  • View Sales Orders against Auto Assemblies
  • View serial and batch numbers on the product page

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Business Intelligence – Production

Play Video about Business Intelligence – Production Timeline Feature Release YouTube featured image

Production is the latest context for the BI module. It helps you gain powerful insight into your manufacturing processes and output using your product and assembly data. You’ll discover metrics such as:


  • Value of wastage
  • On-time assembly
  • Avg. cost per assembly
  • Value of completed assemblies

Learn more about Production in: BI Foundation | BI Vision

August Enhancements

  • Create Warehouse Transfers via the API
  • Serial and Batch numbers added to Doc Designer
  • Bulk print 3PL templates from Data Exporter

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B2B Store Enhancements

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Three great enhancements to help you and your customers take advantage of your B2B Store:



Allow guest users as well as your registered customers to make credit card purchases from your B2B Store. Learn more


Manage Guest Access

Choose how your registered and guest customers interact with your B2B eCommerce Store. Learn more


Manage Backorders

Disable backorders for your customers to prevent them seeing, ordering and purchasing out of stock items. Learn more

Business Intelligence

Play Video about Business Intelligence Timeline Feature Release YouTube featured image

Drive successful decision-making using the new Business Intelligence module in Unleashed. Dive deep into business data to gain instant clarity into your performance across customers, sales, purchases and inventory.


BI Vision takes it to the next level with the ability to cross-filter dimensions, drill down in graphs and more.

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International Commerce Codes

Record International Commerce Codes and other Customs-required product information and be able to create compliant Commercial Invoices.

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July Enhancements

  • Edit ‘Source’ and ‘Destination’ warehouses for parked assemblies
  • Export Purchase Order data
  • Auto-assign serial and batch numbers when creating shipments

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June Enhancements

  • Auto-assign serial and batch numbers in Shopify
  • Show “Can Assemble” on the product page
  • Improvements to Purchase Enquiry report

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May Enhancements

  • Product links on the Purchase Order page
  • Product description in Stock Adjustments

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Easier Supplier Management

Supplier Quantity Price Breaks

Supplier Quantity Price Breaks help businesses apply supplier quantity pricing and discounts against products.

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Multiple supplier contacts

Add as many supplier contacts as you need to keep track of key contacts and ensure the right people are receiving your purchase orders.

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