Order Management Software

With centralised order management your sales process flows smoothly into inventory, ordering and fulfilment – no matter how many sales channels you run

Sales order management made easy

Action all your sales orders from a single place – and enjoy the efficiency of connecting all your different sales channels to your internal inventory, replenishment, production & accounting processes – plus your logistics & fulfilment partners

Sales backordering

Ship available products and backorder the rest from your suppliers – creating a purchase order directly from the sales order. Once the backordered stock comes in, you can ship the remainder.

Pick, pack & dispatch

Attach all your pick, pack and dispatch documentation to your sales orders – from pick lists to detailed shipping notes – and print them out in your warehouse – or send to your fulfilment partners.

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Multichannel OMS

View & action all your sales orders from a single screen – no matter the channel. With all your sales in one place your stock levels & replenishment match up, preventing stock outs and over-ordering.

B2B eCommerce portals

Streamline your B2B sales & reduce errors with smart & customisable B2B portals. Control what your customers do and don’t see; set special prices, and control payment terms as you need.

Customer management

Easily store all your customer information on one platform. Unleashed keeps track of customer details such as addresses, phone numbers, order history, price tiers and discount details.

Freight & charges

You need the flexibility to charge your customers freight and handling fees, without it distorting your margins. With Unleashed you can include freight and charges everywhere it counts.

Partial invoicing

With Unleashed you can create a partial shipment when part of an order is shipped, and create a partial invoice alongside it. The partial invoice is then sent to your accounting software, ready for payment.

Sales quotes

Unleashed automatically populates quotes with live inventory data and up-to-date customer details – then turns your agreed sales quotes into active sales orders with a single click.

Advanced sales reporting

Unleashed’s BI Vision module brings you advanced Business Intelligence tools to analyse and optimise your sales. Create KPIs and dashboards, spot top-performing staff and compare profit margins by sales person, channel, product type, warehouse and more.

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30+ integrations

Unleashed has plug-and-play connections with the top software tools, including Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento – as well as accounting, POS, and analytics tools. Meanwhile API access and a suite of connector apps make your tech-stack options endless.

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Diving in to the details?

Learn more about Unleashed’s order management software features in the pages below

Sales quotes

Showcase your great products and services with customisable sales quotes. Save time across the company by automatically filling out quotes with live data. Unleashed automatically populates quotes with live inventory data and up-to-date customer details, so you can be confident in what you send.

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Sales orders

Finalise orders at record pace and keep your sales funnel flowing with efficient sales order management. Unleashed lets you fulfil shipments, order stock, complete partial shipments and monitor margins all within a single platform.

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Freight and charges

Report on your sales, not your shipping fees! Take advantage of the most accurate sales reporting available on the market today, with freight and charges that are not included in your margins.

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Order management

Manage your sales orders in a way that reflects your business processes without needing to cross-reference complicated spreadsheets. Unleashed lets you create partial shipments and partial invoices to reflect the physical processes of your sales.

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Customer Pricing

Giving a discount to your customers doesn’t have to be a tedious, manual process. Unleashed customer pricing simplifies the special pricing process for you by removing reliance on manual spreadsheets and reducing the chances of errors being made.

Learn more about customer pricing

Quantity Discounts

Speed up sales processes with the flexibility to apply special discounts at a product level. With Unleashed you can easily apply quantity price breaks for each product based on a minimum quantity.

Learn more about quantity discounts

B2B eCommerce Stores

Give your customers a seamless buying experience with dedicated online ordering platforms that increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and boosts your efficiency.

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Order Management FAQs

Questions we get asked the most about Unleashed’s Order Management Software

If a mistake has been made on a sales order, and the transaction has been completed already, a new sales order needs to be created, along with a credit note. This ensures that accounting data is protected from an audit perspective, as well as preserving the integrity of the data that Unleashed sends to any integrated (linked) cloud systems.

We don’t recommend that Unleashed is used as a Point of Sale (POS) system. However, it is certainly possible, and some customers do use Unleashed as a POS. The default view on the sales order screen can be modified to ensure customers can’t see any product margins. But the reality is that Unleashed is not a dedicated POS and we recommend that you rely on our native integration with Vend instead to provide dedicated POS functionality.

Yes. Even if we don’t have a native integration, Unleashed supports this via our API. Many of our customers use our API to receive bespoke sales data, for example. Unleashed can be linked to any other system, including any eCommerce systems, via our API. As an alternative you can also use a connector such as Tide to manage the information flow between Unleashed and any external system (additional 3rd party charges will apply).

Yes! Unleashed supports special customer pricing to give you the flexibility to apply special discounts for each customer. Find out more here.

A parent with subsidiary entities, or perhaps a situation where there is one head office with several branches, is currently handled in Unleashed as one organisation with multiple delivery addresses. To set this up right, we recommend that you only create one customer code for the parent head office, and within that head office (parent) record also setup the various (child) branches – each with a separate delivery address. And whenever a sale is created in one record, you can then choose to bill it against one of the branches. (Note that this is different from having a branch as a customer record, and then invoicing against an individual customer record). The benefit of all of this is that Unleashed offers a single head office bill, which includes all branches.

Yes. Our sales order process has the flexibility to ship any quantities required, with any amounts invoiced separately. This provides great a great deal of flexibility for your sales and order processes. For example, you are able to receipt a deposit before shipping 50% an order and when the second invoice is raised, then the remaining stock can be shipped.

Yes – you can begin your production processes immediately and eliminate double-handling by creating an assembly directly from a sales order.

Just use the bulk action cog, select ‘create assembly’ and follow the prompts. You’ll also be able to purchase any parts, ingredients or components needed for the assembly within the same workflow.

Yes – you ca create shipments for multiple sales orders in one go – streamlining your order processes and saving you time.

Head to the View Sales Order screen and select the new Create Shipments option from the bulk action cog, and this will create a parked shipment for the sales orders you’ve selected.

Yes – if you are required by your customs department to produce a commercial invoice when sending goods internationally, then Unleashed has a configuration option called “International Commerce Codes” that supports EORI numbers, commerce and country codes on key documents. These fields are also available in the shipments API for ease of sharing with logistics partners.